Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Visiting Joyce and Kids

I took child care leave last Friday as mum-in-law went Malaysia for a short break. We took the chance to go visit Joyce and her 3 baobeis. Visiting is less taxing compared to shopping, with an active toddler around.

So, we flagged down a cab straight down to Joyce's place.

There Chloe totally made herself at home. Her 'over-friendliness' and 'self-service' attitudes sometimes make me feel embarassed. But I think Joyce wouldn't mind hor?? :P

Chloe enjoyed playing with Aloysius (6+ yo) and Jonas (4 yo), to my surprise.

It was an overall fun afternoon before hubby came pick us up after work. Not to mention I got to savour Yati's delicious Indon style homecooking. Oh mama-mia~~


Joyce said...

Auntie Dewi, I hope you really enjoy yourself leh. :D

PRIMA said...

Duhz! Didn't i look convincing enough?? hehe look fwd to see u again :D