Thursday, March 26, 2009

Added Words

Eversince the B Words post, Chloe has started to open her golden mouth a little more.

Here's what she's 'speaking' now:
• Nie for Barney
Bop for Baby Bop
Ball for well, ball! cos it's so near to calling out Bho4 :P
Ba! for Bus
Aaaaaaaaai (with very long 'a') for 开 kai1 (open)
Di for Auntie
Up up up for get up/stand up (mimicking only the 'up' from me)
And many more 'foreign' languages :P


mrs tan said...

she looks uber cutie in this pic that makes me feel like giving her a tight hug!!

PRIMA said...

hi girl, u can do so when u see her next time :)

Emily said...

I didn't know mrs tan is actually rachel! haha.

and oh yes. chloe is so cute! makes me wanna hug baby bop, opps, her too. :P when can we go visit her??

PRIMA said...

hi emily! ya hor, i yet to contact jesslyn about the gathering. will do soon!! :D

O8moments said...

well done!

PRIMA said...

haha all the one syllabus word, without the proper sound (missing S, or missing K)!

thanks Hal!