Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Darling!

It's hubby's birthday today! But... poor thing has to spend his birthday alone at Cambodia right now. He was still trying to hide his hoarse voice and cough, when I called him this morning. Reminds me on the trip he made to Papua New Guinea 2 years back when he kept the truth from me, that he had to go for diarrhea jab in the middle of the night! Hmph!!

Anyway, as much as I'd want to celebrate his Big 30 today, I gave him my 100% assurance and support to never get distracted while on overseas trip. "I'm handling Chloe well these few days. I have friends' company and in-laws' support too. Most importantly, we can have a belated celebration next weekend when you're back."

Love my darling a lot! :*

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