Monday, March 2, 2009

Chloe and Jasper: Fun and Sharing

I'm so thankful that Sabrina and Jasper came to accompany me and Chloe on Saturday! Chloe enjoyed herself a lot. She must have missed playing with friends her age, no thanks to my morning sickness and fatigue.

If you notice, Chloe got a new zig zag hair do by her 奶奶 on Friday. Sigh... just when I thought I could start buying pretty hairclips for her...

Anyway, both kids warmed up faster than ever, and could actually sit down together and play now.. Such a sweet moment to watch as parents. Chloe certainly needs a sibling soon to learn the essence of sharing :)

ps. She's very 卖鱼 (sell-fish) at times!

Pictures to share:

Yes baby! Share baby!! :)

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