Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chloe, Jayden and Davion

Chloe and Jayden are now moving towards their terrible twos. Davion is celebrating his 1st birthday in 3 months' time. Kids grow fast. Way too fast!!

Anyway, snippets of our little gathering last Sat at our place:

Chloe 'queuing' to have a sip of water from Barney water bottle,
and holding on to Jayden's daddy like his own Papa!

Both kids getting restless
Jayden: "Can we go home?"// Chloe: "I want the camera please!"

Jayden, Chloe, Davion and the 3 pretty mummies *ahem*
Chloe: "K. Thanks for the camera!"

See Chloe and Jayden grow in below archive:
Christmas 2008
August 2008
July 2008 Part I, Part II
March 2008

Oh, How I miss their baby looks!


rachel said...

3 young & pretty mommies with 3 lil' cuties. =)

PRIMA said...

haha you made my day, rachel! :D

rachel said...

just looked through the archives of Jayden & chloe.. they look same same under the march 2008 pics, those round round cheeks! they look so different now!

PRIMA said...

ya lor. i miss that blur blur innocent look with lotsa baby fats hehehe.. but now also cute la :D

rachel said...

u are gg to pop ur bb no. 2 in few months time.. in time to come, u will get to see a bb with blur innocent & with lotsa bb fats.. haha..

Emily said...

oh gosh! they had NO HAIR on mar 08 but still look SO CUTE! yes. I miss their baby looks. :( And back then, Jayden still hugs Chloe.

PRIMA said...

Emily, it's TIME to plan for #2 too!!! :D