Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Surprisingly Great Saturday

It suddenly struck me that we haven't been bringing Chloe out for fun for some time. Our recent weekends were spent at home, either clearing work or catching up the recorded TV series. Chloe deserved some fun time - out of her mini ball tent at home!

So we went to Kallang Leisure Park thinking of letting her dive into the real ball pit of Bambini PlayClub. It's proven that we have not been there for some time... Little did we know the club has changed to Peekaboo! And we were really unlucky to bump into a birthday celebration at the club, which means no more ball pit for Chloe -__-

Feeling bad for her, we compensated by letting her taking multiply car rides in the mall. Letting her roam freely in the mall without forcing her to hold our hands. Indeed, kid is easy to please. See the smile on her face?

It made me realize that she knows how to enjoy herself more!

Later in the evening, we moved on to VivoCity to meet D & gf for dinner. Dinner took place at Japanese Gourmet Town. Delicious okonomiyaki!! Yumz yumz!

The beautiful couple with Chloe!

The 'prosperous' parents with Chloe!

Just before we left the place, Chloe dragged her Papa to see this mini waterplay.

Another guilt showed up in the parents' face - we haven't brought her to the swimming pool for ages!! Now we know where to go next :)

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