Wednesday, July 1, 2009

31 Weeks: OK, I Lost Count

I told everyone I'm in my 32 weeks whereby I'm only stepping into my 31st.

My baby brain is at its peak. I keep on forgetting stuffs.

My toothache is much controlled now as I visited the dentist again last Sat. Took 5 fillings and 1 temporary dressing to ease the pain.. And I'm short of $350 in my pocket -___- All in all, spent almost $700 for dental care during this pregnancy. *ouch*

I think I'm putting a lot of weight these few weeks. Shall see about it this Friday.

There is a list of things-to-do and buy in my head before baby's arrival. And I really wish to go out fulfill them all. No thanks to H1N1, I'm home-confined earlier than the real confinement actually start! Grrr....

Let's pray for the situation to get better soon!

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