Friday, July 3, 2009

31 Weeks: Piggy-Me-Not!

Had my monthly check up this morning at ACJ. The wait was slightly better today as compared to last month.

Bosco is growing well. He's indeed picking up on his baby fat! :) He's now weighing around 1.8 kg. Slighty on the bigger side, "but not huge, don't worry!" as assured by Dr Tan. And his head is down too.

What about his Mummy? hee.. I'm only gaining 1.1 kg for the past month. *Wow wee*... So happy to learn about this controlled weight gain. Total weight gain at 31 weeks should be around 10 kg.

From now on, I need to see Dr Tan every 2 weeks.

Less than 2 months, baby!!

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