Friday, July 31, 2009

35 Weeks and 3 Days: Sugar Rush! :X

Brought forward my appointment to this morning. Another bad wait at ACJ today, I think we spent good 2 hours there. I have to think there are more and more pregnant ladies going for private clinic these days, or particularly Dr Adrian Tan is good :P

Bosco continues to gain around 300g per week! He is weighing almost 3kg now, compared to some 11 days back. I gained another 1 kg. A total weight gain of 12 kg as of now (35 weeks).

Baby's head is still nicely down, though not engaged yet. No signs of delivery yet. Dr Tan mentioned that Bosco is going to be born bigger than Chloe. I hope I could have another fast and smooth delivery this time!!

Did the swab test today, and also took another blood test! -_- Apparently I have been indulging myself too much on my milo that I didn't pass my urine test. There's deep guilt in me, I thought I have everything well-controlled so far. Gggrr.... Hopefully the GD test turned out negative. It is only a mere 5-week-journey away...

Praying hard...

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