Monday, July 20, 2009

33 Weeks: On The Rise

Today's visit to Dr Tan showed that Bosco gained 600 g for the past 2 weeks. He is now weighing around 2.4-2.5 kg. Wow! Dr Tan had to ask me, "What did you eat for the past 2 weeks?"

Nope. Haven't touched durian for over a month. I was eating (almost) as usual lah.. hoho. I did drink a lot of hot milo and maternity milk though. And I'm hooked to nutella spread for my daily breakfast spread. Hm....

My weight gain was also the biggest this round. 1.4 kg gained in 2 weeks. Total weight gain at 33 weeks is around 11 kg.

Dr Tan commented if baby continues to grow in this pace, he would easily weigh 3.5 kg if delivered at 38 weeks. Chloe was born 3.46 kg at week 38 too!

Had him advise me on when's best to start maternity leave. He suggested to start taking 2 weeks before EDD. I'm now looking around 17th or 18th Aug. Will confirm this later.

So, what else are on the rise?

Stretch marks made their first appearance last week. And now they're looking like some kind of treasure map on my tummy.

Feet starts to swell too that I had major cramps attack last night. I thought I had trick to get them under controlled (by stretching the feet). But I was wrong... Thankfully could easily wake hubby up from his piggy deep sleep :P

Inch on the waist, legs, arms, basically all over my body.

The temperature!! I would bathe up to 5 times a day during the weekend.

My temperament. Well.. kind of.. :P

Counting down the days.... Will see Dr Tan again in another 2 weeks' time!


Mrs Kam said...

Hi Dewi,

Great that everything is going on smoothly for you and your baby! Get prepared for the arrival of your (big-ish) baby Bosco!

mrs tan said...

what a way to describe your stretch marks on your tummy. haha!

PRIMA said...

Good morning Mrs Kam and Mrs Tan!

Have a nice day to both of you :)