Thursday, July 23, 2009

Da Vinci The Genius

Thanks to the complimentary tickets from RZ, the 3 of us headed down to Singapore Science Centre for the first time as a family. I was so excited the day before to this excursion, hubby and I were looking forward to the Da Vinci exhibition. I prepared this and that hoping that Chloe will be well entertained and behaved for the outing.

Aiyo, who knows who spoilt the day eventually? It's me, myself who can't bear to stand for long at the exhibition. Panting and having backache, we had to give the main centre a miss and headed home after viewing the collection of the genius :(

Hope to visit there again... hm, maybe with Bosco along too next time! :)

Only a few pictures to share:


sanbebe said...

How's the exhibition? Is it worth going? Is the ticket expensive? May be I can bring Jav there too...

PRIMA said...

If you're really into art, it's worth going. Can read up a lot of info on da vinci's works. But too bad I really cannot stand 'standing' checking out one by one.

My gf can spend good 2.5 hours in the exhibition!

Btw, adult tix is at SGD 15/pax. Kid below 2 is free :)


sanbebe said...

Thanks for the info.
Wil check with hubby if he wants to go :)