Thursday, July 16, 2009

Photographer For Hire

Since who-knows-when, Chloe claims that our Ixus is now hers. It all started with her imitating using a camera. And now, she's guiding us to pose, yeah, like make a little act-cute pose using our hands, so that she could shoot some nice shots of us!

"Mama, put your hands on your cheek lei.."

"OK. Stay there and don't move!"

No joke. She's getting the hang of it. I certainly don't mind if she have some flair skills in photo shooting as she grows up. Hm.. perhaps she could do better than her Papa in a few years' time :P

See some of her attempts here (non-edited)


Daddy and Mummy said...

are you serious?!! these shots are done by Chloe?? they are really nice shots.. I couldn't even do some of these. I like the one with the BJ toy in the balls pool.. v pro!

PRIMA said...

Thank you Leng Hui! TGIF!! :D

LeNa said...

wow... mommy now become a model.
later chloe will ask u to buy dslr... hihihi.

PRIMA said...

Lena. awas lu ya! hahahhahaa..
mgkn kalo chloe yang minta, daddy bakal beliin toh? hehehhe

mrs tan said...

chloe is good!!