Friday, July 17, 2009

Lady, You're My Sunshine!


mrs tan said...

last pic, love her smile!

Novi said...

beli di mana tent-nya and the balls? must be FUN playing in it!
oh btw..i saw your 'solid food' posts..may i know where you bought chloe's bowls..loves it..does it have any lid on it?

PRIMA said...

rachel, thanks gal! durian feast! durian feast! haha

novi, beli di kiddy palace tuh, tambah bolanya juga di KP. tapi gue liat Toys R Us lbh byk designs loh.. go check them out gal :)

bowl yang mana?? yang biru? ato yang peanut shape itu? yang peanut shape is good, from pigeon, with lid, spoon and one part of the bowl, u can mash the food there! highly recommended. can find in most leading supermarkets..

and i sound like a salesgal already hahhaa

Novi said...

yup..yg peanut shape! I got pigeon bowl but different lid also..will check again in cold storage :)