Wednesday, August 12, 2009

37 Weeks: All Prepped Up

Bosco is weighing at 3.1 kg at 37 weeks. Everything's well. We're all ready and excited!

Gynae asked us to talk to him often and ask him to come out soon. I also asked Chloe do the same thing - ask her to ask didi when he wants to come out.

Then Chloe made the hand signal 'one' and 'five'.

So I said, "The 15th ah?"
She said, "Yes!"

Well, let's look forward to the arrival of didi :)

Little note for myself:
I gained 1.2 kg for the last 11 days. A total weight gain of 13.5 kg as of now (37 weeks).
"I'm getting there.. I'm getting there..."


mrs tan said...

feeling the excitement for you also lei..

PRIMA said...

ya and i crave for durian each time u leave a comment! hahahaha

Patzie said...

WUAH!!! BIG enough ya... hehehe..
Sometimes the prediction is smaller then the real when he came out. Hope NOT..hehehe

Emily said...

a very good weight! getting all excited to see Bosco. wishing you a smooth delivery! and 15th is a good number! cause I'm 15th too! :P bth me. or 19th! hehehe

PRIMA said...

Emily, who is born on the 19th??

I do really wish to deliver before the 20th though.. Pray hard!! :D

Novi said...

chloe udah ngerti ya kalo uda mau punya dede? hopefully nggak jealous ya..hehe my mom said last time I got jealous when my brother was born..

Daddy and Mummy said...

That is so exciting! It's a matter of days only that you'll get to see Bosco. He's a v good weight! Wish you a smooth delivery.. :)

chersam said...

oh my, feeling so excited for u!!! relax & look fwd to Bosco's arrival :-)

Andy said...

Thanks all for the well wishes! We hope to welcome Bosco into our family soon too!!!

Daddy and Mummy said...

Have been coming in to see updates! Hoping to get first hand news.. :)

hiPPo said...

so excited for u now! can't wait for bosco's arrival!