Friday, September 25, 2009


Pardon me for not able to post anything since last week. Was busy with Bosco's full month preparation. And juggling with some work whenever I could squeeze some extra time out.

So, Bosco is 5 weeks now. He had his hair shaved. He also had gone for his 2nd dose of Hep B jab. As for me, the confinement was over. I have no more post-natal mood swings, I think...

Life as a mother-of-2 is settling down, except that I'm still enjoying my maternity leave.

We invited some friends to celebrate Bosco's full month on 20.09.2009 and we got to take a more proper family portrait on that day!

Ta-da!!! What a good comparison of 'before and after-having-children' portrait!

And if i did my math correctly, it took us exact 32 months from our wedding day (20.01.2007) to this family-of-four chapter! (20.09.2009)

blissful ABCD family :)


Ah Boy's Mom said...

Yeah just notice, it's ABCD... hahahhaa.

PRIMA said...

Loh mummy Lena kok jadi ah boy's mum? hehe! iya emang itu lah sengaja milih nama Bosco buat dia :)