Friday, November 20, 2009

Outing These Days...

Recently we've been venturing out to malls without the helper. Just the 2 pairs of hands attending to Chloe and Bosco. And I must say we did a pretty good job. Not forgetting the privacy and the bonding among the four of us. Oh, we're going to get even better :)

The only flaw would be not much chances to get hold of the camera. When both hands are tied, I know Chloe would save my day!

These were us at brotzeit, vivo last weekend.

The husband who was busy feeding us

And here is my trusty photographer. Self-portrait is a must!

Food shots by the husband

His #1 recommendation - pork knuckles

The lunch was really good, if only I could have the beer too hehe..

Then we strolled a little bit before heading home for our chloe's afternoon nap.

Ah.. I'm glad the weekend is here once again. So, where should we go this week?

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