Saturday, November 21, 2009

So We Went To The Zoo

Thanks to Jayden's mummy for the special passes, we finally brought Chloe to the Singapore Zoo last Sunday. Chloe was very excited to meet Jayden; to go outdoors; to play water at the Rainforest Kidzworld, ... but not exactly excited to see the animals. Errr... I think she's intimidated by them, or just pure no interest -__-

Chloe and Jayden holding hands!

I love this shot! :)

Thanks to Emily for taking this shot :)

And lastly, a family portrait of us in reds - inspired by mummy chersam & family who are always in matching tees! (ahem!!)


Emily said...

wow. you make the photos looked more professionally taken. kekeke.

and I love the father and child shot!

chersam said...

nice family photo!!!
And dewi, thanks huh, for mentioning my name =P