Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The 26-month-old Favourites!

Yep! Chloe is 26 months now.
I hope to continue writing about her on the 16th of every month...

Her top most wanted item is to play with is my iPhone.
I remember she cried a month ago when I told her I was selling my omnia. She said, "妈妈 NO 卖电话!" Little did she know that her mama was replacing it to a more fun gadget. Now I have to keep her away from the iPhone as she would never stop.

"Mama, pls refrain yourself from taking my crime evidence with ur phone!"

• • •

As the saying 没虾鱼也可以, the camera still pleases her when she's not allowed to touch the parents' mobile phones. What does she love to take with the camera?

Self-portraits of course.

• • •

Kissing Bosco is a must!

• • •

Or shall I say disturbing his 'lil brother?

While I was taking this picture, she actually asked, "妈妈, Where's 弟弟头发?"

• • •

Her favourite person? That has gotta be me, her Mama!

Well as I couldn't find a decent photo of me and Chloe here, I reckon her 2nd favourite, Papa, won't mind to be posted here :)

Note to the hubby: she still looks a lot like you!



Rachel said...

Hi, chanced upon your blog. Kids these days really love technology. my 2 year old absolutely loves fiddling around with my phone and computer as well. Btw, u have 2 very adorable kids :)

PRIMA said...

Thanks Rachel! Will drop by yours tomorrow.. Time to go to bed now, before Chloe gets up later *yawn*