Friday, December 18, 2009

Bosco Turns 4 Months!

I just noticed something interesting upon composing this post.
My birthdate is on the 14th, Chloe is 16th and Bosco is on the 18th

How coincidence! I love even numbers :)

If every 16th of the month is dedicated to Chloe, then today, 18th is all Bosco's...

Bosco boy turns 4 months today,...

Major milestone is smiling and laughing out loud.

As to follow the Chinese belief,
we shaved his hair for the second time on his 4th month (lunar calendar)

Physical growth - Bosco is now able to raise his head higher

A lot of attempts to roll over, but none of them was successful. I did a quick peek at Chloe's milestone, she actually flipped when she was 4mths and 2days.
Way to catch up, boy!

He is sticking out his tongue a lot this week, self-exploration :)

Now back to the hair, does he look cuter before?

Or after shaved bald?

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