Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Going Steady

Since the last playdate to the zoo, Chloe has been asking about Jayden all the time. "When are we meeting Jayden? Go see elephant with Jayden. Jayden and I had ice cream etc etc" Browse through photo archives will also request to see Jayden's photos!

Mummy Jayden, what had your son done to my daughter? :P

About 2 weeks ago, we had this Christmas gathering at Jayden's place. It's nice to see the kids hanging out again. Although I'm not really sure if they were playing or uhmm, dating?!

Holding little hands

"Come Jayden, let's go for a ride :)"

It was nice and steady, until...

... Davion appeared!

Now THREE is a crowd.

Is their relationship at stake?


Let's look forward to future playdates okie?
Click here for more photos on our Christmas gathering.


Emily said...

hahah...so cute. davion is always the '3rd party' lurking behind the photos.

PRIMA said...

ya, wait til Bosco grows up and join them.. and then rachel with her troop, ruizhi too, and many many more! FUN! :)