Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm very amused by how I could knock off earlier than Chloe and in total deep sleep from 9pm last night. I always introduce myself as the lightest sleeper in the family, "oh, a little bit of noise can wake me up easily.. blah blah blah", but this encounter last night was pretty funny (sorry to the husband!)

Hubby was working late last night and forgot to bring the key along. So he texted and called my mobile a few times to make sure I'd open the door for him around 10pm. Apparently I didn't hear anything. Then he proceeded to call the house phone – which has really loud ringing tone, and again... I didn't feel a thing.

When he told me about it this morning, I was like..."Huh? Serious??"
Then I tried to recall back, yea, I didn't open the door for him. The helper did!

He then said, "Yeah, I came home to see 林家三宝贝 snoring in the room..."

hehehe.. must be too worn out by waking up a few times this week~~

Am just so glad that the kids are back to their cheeky selves again.
Have a great weekend peeps :)

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