Saturday, January 23, 2010

En Jie Visits (11.01.10)

It was barely 2 months from their last playdate, Bosco and En Jie are now 2 active boys in the house. Well, almost..

En Jie has started to crawl, Bosco is turning 360ยบ on his tummy.

Funny photo captured –
En Jie treats Bosco as one of his obstacles to climb forward!

Now, group photo with the pretty mummy finally :)

Oops, just notice En Jie was pulling Bosco's shirt!

Maybe that's a gesture to ask his buddy to play together again soon :)


Anonymous said...

oops... the 'pretty' mummy doesn't look pretty at all in the pics... haiz... she n her not photogenic face again.. :(

PRIMA said...

ah come on..! you just shine!! :)