Sunday, February 28, 2010

年初四 • Playdate

A mini playdate for Chloe and her friends on the 4th day of CNY.
Fun time for the kids, catch up for the mummies :)

Those that turned up were Jayden, Adrienne, Garina, Hannah and her sister Deborah.

Check out Chloe's body language!

Head over heels! (mummy J, how? how?)

Girls in the house – Chloe, Garina and Adri

And Jayden had to leave earlier.
He was busy choosing either BJ or babybop to bring home hehe

No clear shot of Hannah

Yup that's her running in the background

Goodbye hugs for Adri and Garina

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Emily said...

Jayden has a classmate called Chloe too! The kids are so cute. Jayden was indeed busy choosing which toy to bring home! keke