Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quickie Update

Tried hard to find extra time to blog over the past 2 weeks but couldn't. Now with my pump on my left hand, I try to do a quick update before spider webs start to appear on my blog.

I got surprise visit from my parents on the 26th feb, in time to spend the last 3 days of new year with us in Singapore.

The new year ended leaving the ABCD under the weather. Must have eated too much goodies! Sore throat, runny nose and cough. Poor Bosco with the lowest immunity caught the virus, hence sick for the 2nd time. Mama's heartpain and 'zombied' after taking care of him. Thankfully we are all now recovering well.

1st day of March, was the husband's birthday. Little did we expect that our long applied leave turned out to be our ex-helper's last day. But we're both happy that she's gone. So very relieved! Along came the new helper, we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that she would be 'The One'.

I have missed twice monthly updates on the kids. In short, Chloe is brushing her speech everyday. She has started to ask why. She often make us laugh with her funny and innocent comments and replies :) Training (for the xx times) for her to sleep thru the night.

As for Bosco, solid feeding didn't turn out quite well, he seems to be more fussy than Chloe afterall. He is more expressive these days, laugh and cry louder. He is able to sit upright with minimum support. His weight is 9.1 kg (as for last week visit to the PD). And Chloe's weight is 13.6 kg.

Wokay! Can't think of anything now, need to catch up with sleep!!

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