Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Feb and Mar Birthday Babies Get-Together

The idea kicked off from a birthday gathering among the Feb babies. Then we discovered there were actually 7 of us born in the month of February and March! Amazing! How could we not celebrate it?

And the party organizer has got to be Ms Emily for always arranging great outings for us :) She then suggested a BBQ gathering at East Coast Park, for a change. So there, we celebrated our mass birthdays on last Sat (13 Mar).

See our cute cookies specially ordered by her? How thoughtful!

And oh yes, we are all so young :)

Very limited pictures taken from my cam!

Then off to our place for more fun games til midnight hehe

See the pretty girls posing together for the coincidence outfits :)

Ok girls, please send me some group photos of the gathering :)


Emily said...

Little Ms Giggles is very fitting for Chloe cause she's always giggling!

I'm glad the kids had fun. I had a hard time putting Jayden to sleep in your room! haha

PRIMA said...

sorry i actually knocked out while putting chloe to sleep. didn't get to say byez to all of you :P

mrs tan said...

no worries, dewi. we should have more of such gatherings!!