Friday, March 19, 2010

The Longest Coach Ride With Babies In Tow

I thought spending 6 hr on the coach ride to Genting was the longest it could take. I was wrong! We actually spent 7.5 hr coach ride this time! zzz...

Few hours after the BBQ gathering, we dragged ourselves up to leave for Genting. It's an impromptu trip booked by the inlaws to pamper the little ones namely Kelly, Chloe and Bosco.

Thankfully both Chloe and Bosco behaved well during the journey.

Chloe slept most of the time (thanks to Jayden who accompanied her til late the night before!) And Bosco was happy, alert and observative!

And yes, we survived a 7.5 hour long coach ride with babies in tow!! *wee*


Emily said...

7.5 hours for one way?!

PRIMA said...

yesss... must download lots of apps to entertain myself :P