Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Now We Need Fresh Air

My 2 babies at home took turns to fight with nasty viruses over the past 2 weeks. It all started with Bosco's cough after the Genting trip. Then Chloe's high fever. Then Bosco's wheezing last Friday. So bad that he had to use nebuliser for 4 days. Poor baby~

Both Chloe and Bosco are still nursing their cough. It saddens me to see the amount of medicines they took in everyday, especially for 7 months old Bosco.

We visited SBCC again this evening to review on Bosco. He no longer needs the nebuliser anymore, but has to continue taking Ventolin for his phlegm. Get well soon baby! Get well soon, so to resume your solid food quest!

Speaking of that, I failed myself as a 2nd time mummy terribly. Where is the puree that I promised to make for him? I can't even make him finish 2 tablespoon of cereal!! I must jiayou!!!

All in all, they have lost some weight during this period. Chloe now weighs around 13 kg and Bosco's weight is 9.2 kg. I just hope the viruses would disappear from now on and stay that way for the longest they could.

I want everyone at home to be healthy and happy!


The Kam family said...

Sorry to hear that. Speedy recovery to Chloe and Bosco! You take care too! Don't worry about the puree, Bosco hasn't missed much, you can give him lots once he recovers, no worries! Stay positive and happy, you are a GREAT MUM!

PRIMA said...

Thank you Mrs Kam for the encouragement. You take good care too :)