Tuesday, March 9, 2010

年初六 • Out With The Kids

It still brings me great satisfaction when I look back on my first attempt bringing the kids out – all by myself during the cny break. Just Chloe, Bosco and I, with a diaper bag and the stroller!

We strolled out from the house and walked about 10 minutes to the train station. Chloe was such a good girl, walking very closely with me, if not holding on the stroller. On and off, she would sayang Bosco and asked him, "弟弟,你OK吗?"

Chloe really enjoyed the mrt ride, that she was super duper cheerful and hyper along the way! And Bosco also gave up his nap just to watch and observe his environment.

Upon reaching vivo city, a little treat for Chloe for being such a sensible girl.
And then meeting up with the husband and his colleagues for dinner.

See how Chloe still holding on to the stroller even though Papa was around to help?

She must have enjoyed the bonding among the 3 of us, just like I do! :)

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