Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get Well Soon, Dad!

The past 2 weeks were rough. That explains a hiatus on this blog.

As some of you have already known, my dad had stroke in early June. I received a heart-pondering SMS from my brother on 2nd June which said, "Call home now! Urgent!!"

Overheard from the other end of the call was my crying mum. Heard her sinking voice as she passed the phone to my bro. She said, "I don't know how to tell her..."

Then bro briefly told me dad's condition. He said dad was blurting a lot of discrepancy as he talked. He seem troubled with his own thoughts and actions. Bro told me that mum would bring dad to Penang for the doctor the next day.

It felt like my world was shaken once again. Flashing in my mind was the vivid images of dad fighting with his intestine cancer 6 years ago. How he had 2 major surgeries in the span of 3 weeks. How mum and I stayed close and took good care of him...

I was afraid. I was worried sick.


The doctor back at hometown analyzed that my dad was having early symptoms of stroke, losing memory that is.

2 days later at Penang, my dad was admitted for his sudden stroke attack. He started losing balance and having difficulty in controlling his speech. His right hand was getting numb too. That's what mum recalled when I flew to visit them the next day.

Although dad was conscious, he couldn't remember a single thing that happened in the hospital. He didn't even know why he was in Penang; who brought him there; when he was there...

After 2 nights, his physical condition was stabilized. Doctor gave the green light for him to discharge. We were relieved. Visiting the hospital was so depressing, not to mention for mum who had to camp with dad and watched him closely. No thanks to lousy nursing staffs at Island hospital, Penang.

Up til now, dad is regaining his memory bit by bit. One moment, he could do marketing, have breakfast and fun conversation, play with his grandchildren as per normal.

The other moment, he would stared and paused at his mobile phone cos he doesn't know how to function it to text his friends; or not remembering whether or not he had taken his lunch; or even not remembering how many grandchildren he has.

It's saddening...

But I have faith in dad. I believe he is on his way to recovery. I know he won't let us down.

Get well soon, dad!

*Meanwhile, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have sent your concerns and offered help to my family. I'm truly blessed. Thank you!


hiPPo said...

hope ur dad recovers very very soon dear! must have been such a worrying time for u and ur family. take gd care gal!

PRIMA said...

Thanks dearie!!!

Ah Boy's Mom said...

Moga2 Papa cepet sembuh ya Wi.

Anonymous said...

oh dear, I hope your dad gets well very soon!
take care everyone in the family!

PRIMA said...

Thanks ladies. Love you all!!