Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mrs Yip's Birthday

Over the long weekend (8/8), we celebrated Bosco's lunar birthday with our kakis. Before I post anything on that, this was another birthday get-together which took place last month. Yes, July passed in a breeze before I could do a complete posting! I must make more time for the blog :)

So, if you wonder, it was Mrs Yip's surprise birthday visit, although I bet she must have known it before hand. We were too obvious, weren't we?

The food we prepared bought from different corners of this little island :)

The lovely birthday cake from Mrs Tan.
So irresistible that Chloe thought it was for her :P

And lastly, the blissful Mrs Yip and her lovely family :D

With gathering like this, I don't mind staying fat with all the food, cake, laughter and mahjong seriously!! Haha!

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