Monday, August 16, 2010

Zoo Outing | 24.07.2010

En Jie's mummy and I think that the boys have got a little bit bored with playdates at home.. So, she arranged a trip to the zoo for the boys, together with Claire on 24th July.

Now this is so much better :)

Oops. Just realized Bosco was in the same clothes :P

Anyway, Chloe's such a big girl now, compared to her last trip to the zoo

The tourists-like parents

Posing at the same spot again

Now, who do they lookalike??

Lunch time at Ah Meng's cafe

En Jie: "I don't want to eat anymore, Mummy.."
Bosco: "You can give them to me, Auntie.."

Bosco: "G-i-v-e .. i-t .. t-o .. m-e....."

More photos:

Lastly, bidding goodbye to Claire and heading home for some serious napping :)


hiPPo said...

bosco still looks like u and chloe like papa! hahaha.. bosco's got such twinkling eyes like mama lor..

PRIMA said...

thanks girl!! but most of the ppl say bosco has grown up to look more and more like papa!!!!

Anonymous said...

haha love Chloe's tee!