Saturday, September 25, 2010

8 Passengers and An Axio


There were moments of sianness let out from the cars queuing behind our Axio at the JB/Singapore custom checkpoint. That was when we passed 8 passports to the officer-in-charge for clearance.

Andy - (1). Bosco - (2). Chloe - (3). Dewi - (4).
Vincent - (5). Shirley - (6). Ning Xuan - (7).
Nana - (8).

And we felt so damn proud. Haha!

We had superb time trying for the perfect porridge (teow chew or steamboat style). Shopping for lots of whats-not. Holding corny fun conversations. And driving to ulu other side of the town for the cheapest formula milk.

I think we need to do that again soon :)

Some Photos:

Love Bosco hair in neat army cut

Ning Xuan and Chloe

Knocked out baby

Cute Mama and kids

Act cute Papa >.<

The interesting porridge-based steamboat

And the Lims think it beats the teow chew porridge lunch~


The Kam family said...

I would be very interested to know where did you go to get the cheapest formula milk? We always get from Jusco. Is it really cheaper elsewhere?

PRIMA said...

Hi there. I need to check the exact details from my friend then let you know again ok?