Saturday, September 25, 2010

Same Ingredients. Different Treats.

At nearly 3 years old, Chloe is still very much a porridge fan. And often, she will question me why did I not cook porridge for her as often as for Bosco. Tell me about jealousy.

So to make both children happy, I have to cook 'similar food' for the two of them during the weekend. And it ain't that bad after all. Just hope that Bosco will grow more teeth soon to enjoy more varieties of food together with Chloe, apart of porridge and meesua soup.

Example of porridge cooking for Chloe and Bosco

Broccoli/Carrot/Egg/Ribs Porridge for Chloe

Double-boiled version for Bosco, minus the egg

And check out that happy face :)

Waiting for the time when I can prepare cute lunch for the kids

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