Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kuantan 4-6 Nov: Driving Up

We spent 5.5 hour driving up north to Kuantan, Malaysia with the Yips on 4 Nov. With little help of our cheap GPS and great amount of checking out the print out of Google Maps, we reached Swiss Garden Resort at around 1pm.

The trip was almost canceled due to Chloe's gastric flu the night before, which she vomitted whatever she took in. Thankfully her condition was soon under control after seeing the pd at 9pm. Not wanting to disappoint the kids and the Yips, we went ahead with the trip by packing lots of medicine on standby.

Good thing Chloe recovered fast. What we faced during the trip was a very hungry 3-year-old who kept asking for a lot of food. Her appetite turned so good but Andy and I were afraid that we would overfeed her. So, a grouchy girl she became. Apart from that, the trip was a good and exciting experience us.

I don't know which part of Malaysia would Andy like to go next year. Hmmm...

End note: The coastal road up to Kuantan was a better driving experience than the North-South-Highway with less traffic and a more sceneric journey. Best part, it's toll-free! And I actually prefer this cos the husband seem to drive at a slower speed. Hiak Hiak Hiak!

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