Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Playdates And More...

I remember when I was a kid, my only playmates would be my 2 elder brothers. We played with the cars, action figures and some karate acts during our free time. That should explain why I'm not into barbie, hello kitty or other girlie flowery stuff.

And 20 over years forward, as a Mother of 2, I'm glad my kids are blessed with wonderful friends to play with.

The 3 year olds
Chloe meets Jayden at least once a week. They eat, play, sing, watch TV, sleep and show affection towards each other occasionally. And (yes!) they're going for holiday together tomorrow.

Toddlers Gang
En Jie and Ning Xuan are the most often seen playdates with Bosco (and Chloe too). Although not interacting much yet, but their babies-talk and mimicking stunts are just too cute. Plus, Chloe often learns to be a good jie jie in front of these toddlers, e.g. sharing toys and foods, kissing and hugging them non-stop!

Age Is Not A Problem
Seen here are bigger playmates like the 8yo Aloysius, cooking with Bosco

Making new friends with 10yo Joey and 7yo Shermaine

11yo Curtinis, 7yo Issac, 4yo Donovan playing pretend as classmates

Last but not least, their most friendly friend - Uncle Tan!

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