Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Playdate of 2011 | Zoo Zee Zoo

We queued for this corporate friends of the zoo card since November last year. It was such a long wait for the children. Besides the rain during lunch hour, everything else turned out fine. And the four families were actually on time (for the first time!)

Group shot after breakfast at Ah Meng Cafe

The zoo was exceptionally quiet for a Saturday

Silly Papa!

En Jie and Ning Xuan

Zoology 101

Sweetie Pie

Bad Boy's Look

Curious Bosco and Claire

Chloe and Ning Xuan

Four moo moo kids and one piggy darling

Posing with 'Ba-Ba'

Family shot

Opted out the splash show for Animal Friend Show at Rainforest Kidzworld

Now, Bird park playdate, anyone? :)


Emily said...

Yes yes! J has never been to bird park before. Let's go!

PRIMA said...

Sorry sorry! Papa Lim just said that his office doesn't own any complimentary cards to the bird park. Anyone has?? :)