Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Great Start To The New Year

This week, Andy and I sent Chloe to her long-awaited 'school'. Such a happy baby, she wore a big smile and posed a victory sign in every photo we took.

Well done baby!

Papa and Mama are so proud of you!!

Catching up with jie jie's achievement, 'lil Bosco decided to walk unassisted on 4 Jan. His steps were pretty steady, confirming to our findings that he was just too reliant to our helping hands.

Nevertheless, we were also very elated to his new milestone.

Good job, Bosco!

I wish for good health, wealth and happiness for everyone in this new year.
I personally want to eat well, live well and have more quality time with my family.
What about you?

Cheers to a better year!

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