Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ferry Ride to HK, MTR and Tsui Wah

HK Day 1 | 30 April 2011

After bus-hopping in the past 2 days at Macau, we were very much looking forward to visiting Hong Kong. We took ferry ride around 11am. Traveling time was around 1 hr. It cost us around SGD20–30 per person, even the kid is paying the same price.

The ferry was similar to the one you take when going Batam or Bintan, except that it's much cleaner and well-organized.

Posing during the ferry ride.

Upon reaching Hong Kong, we flagged a cab down to our hotel near 庙街 Temple Street, Evergreen Hotel. Remember I wrote that Andy planned for almost everything for this trip? Now this hotel was the exception. -_-

Moving on, we had quickie lunch at a small 茶餐厅 next to the hotel and started to explore the vicinity. Our nearest MTR station was 佐敦 Jordan and boy, their station was really not stroller-friendly. We traveled to 中 Central (too high class) and 铜锣湾 Causeway Bay (too crowded).

Train was considered not too packed, for a Saturday afternoon,
compared to our MRT passengers...

Tourist looks: (1) busy with map and (2) replenishing with lotsa fluid-intake

The seven of us (FIL, MIL, A, B, C, D and Kelly) got really really tired by 5pm. Since morning, there was the ferry ride, the moving of luggages, the carrying of our stroller up and down while climbing the staircases. So we headed back to the hotel, lied flat for 20 minutes or so, had a quick shower and out we went hunting for dinner.

The street was crowded, the restaurants were full of queues. When we almost surrendered to having McDonald's, 翠华茶餐厅 Tsui Wah Restaurant caught our attention. It was love at the first taste. What a cozy good restaurant it was!

Couldn't wait to dine...

Love its Milk Tea Champagne!

We tried the baked rice, baked spaghetti and its renowned 鱼蛋河粉。赞!

See Chloe's impatient look?? hehehe

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