Sunday, July 10, 2011

Catching Up, Dim Sum and Festival Walk

HK Day 2 | 1 May 2011

Rise and shine to a fresher day 2, the kids were nicely dressed up and (seem) patiently waiting for the parents to go out.

Thanks to our glorious iPhones for keeping the kids entertained.

Posing at the hotel lobby, while waiting for Andy's friend to pick us up.

We were then treated to a yummy breakfast dim sum at (can't-recall-name). It's somewhere near to the Nathan Hotel, which is also within walking distance from our current hotel.

Meet Nelson and Daisy, Andy's former colleagues from F&N. They have greatly assisted us during our stay in HK. Super friendly people!

Psst.. Daisy has shared many good places for shopping too! hiaks!

Chloe and Daisy 'clicked', as soon as they met.

Nelson and Daisy accompanied us and showed us the good stuff while walking from 佐敦 Jordan to 旺角 Mongkok. Then, they recommended 又一城 Festival Walk at 九龙塘 Kowloon Tong for us to shop for the rest of the day.

And so we did.. *excited*

Chloe posing in the quiet train...

Delighted to go shopping :)

One of the loots from Festival Walk. I want more H&M!!!

The kids enjoyed watching the ice-skating took place at the huge rink.

Cheeky father and daughter...

心肝宝贝 no. 1

心肝宝贝 no. 2

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