Monday, August 1, 2011

Kelly's 9th Birthday

Kelly's mummy threw a party at McDonald's early in June for Kelly's 9th Birthday. It got my Chloe asking for a birthday party held at McDonald's too. "Wait til you are in Primary School," I told Chloe.

We didn't manage to stay throughout the party, because...

Chloe had too much nuggets and fries!

Way too many until she complained of having stomach pain... (see her expression?)

And angry Bosco who can't get enough of the fries too!

Kelly is a big girl now... how time flies~~

Few days later, it was Kelly's actual birthday (09.06.2011). We had a hearty meal at home, cooked by mum-in-law and completed with Kelly's favourite mango cake from Prima Deli. nom nom nom~~~

Story books from her beloved jiujiu jiumu :D

Chloe even received a Dora's meal box – from one of Kelly's pressies!!

Thank you Kelly jiejie :D

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