Sunday, August 28, 2011

Red and Lilac | A Warm Saturday

It took me a while to think of a suitable title for this post. That Saturday, 30.07.2011, the Gohs and Lims dated out again to Science Centre with the complimentary tickets from RZ.

However, the title 'Great Outing at Science Centre' wasn't really suitable as we didn't enjoy the exhibitions on that day. It was extremely crowded with various group of visitors. Majority of them were tourists and a huge group of Primary school kids from China. My good impression of Science Centre since the last visit just seem so overrated. And the waterworks near the entrance has also become a free water play for the kids living in the vicinity. Tsk, tsk...

So, the perks of the day?
A good chilling corner at McDonald's, and a lovely set captured for memories.
I love the red and lilac combination from the photos...

Bosco has a big boy look here

Junior Lim and Papa Lim

My current 'profile photo' and 'wallpaper' :)

Chloe's skin is glowing in this dress!

宝贝 Chloe

宝贝 Bosco

Playin' choo-choo train with Ning Xuan

Note to self: To visit Science Centre on a weekday morning for future visits!

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