Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bye Bye, Nana!

Andy posted this on his facebook a while ago..

Like the saying goes, 世界上没有不散的宴席... Our good helper, Nana, has to bid goodbye to us tomorrow after staying with us for 1.5 years. I remember vividly that her first day was 01.03.2010, on Andy's 31st birthday. The kids were close to her soon after..

She's not perfect, but she's definitely the best that we've ever got. I relied a lot on her for the house chores. She practically had to 'handover' her duties to me these couple of days.

Chloe said she would miss her very much. And that she won't like the 'new' Nana jiejie, cos she won't have long hair like this Nana jiejie.... -_-

Probably Chloe's hinting that nobody would help to tie fanciful hairstyles for her anymore..

I knew Bosco would miss her heaps too as someone who can depicts what he wants.

We had to capture this moment down for future memory.

Must really say thank you for being such a reliable helper and friend. You will be missed!
All the best, Nana!!

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