Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Family Visits | Oct 2011 — Part 1

This is a quick post on the Family Visit back in last October. I had carefully picked the photos to sum up our first 3 day activities. I hope you would enjoy the photos as much as they bring back the good memories to me!

Our day 1 activity — Singapore flyer!

An experience like never before, on board with my family!

Day 2 activity — Praying, Shopping and Coffee at Bugis area

Day 3 — checkin' in to MBS, woohoo!
The Grand room was simply awesome!!

Cruisin' around like tourists...

Our first heavenly experience at TWG!

Serious dippin' and soakin' under the afternoon sun at the SkyPark.

Dinner at Lao Pa Sat. Andy exclaimed, "Oh, we could really EAT!"

Well, that's not all, 'cos we headed to Temple St. for more desserts :)

And the extra sugar really acted on the children that night!!
(See monkey, superman and supergirl wannabe in the photo?? Haha!)