Sunday, May 20, 2012

What Took Place 6 Months Ago

These are random photos kept under the month of Nov 2011 in my iPhoto. Thanks to the monthly labeling, it helped my mind travel back to 6 months ago...

This is the month when we started to purchase Cars die-cast for Bosco

We attended Andy's colleague ROM ceremony at a chalet.
Chloe couldn't recognize herself in this pictures, asking which jiejie this was.

Awed by a huggable Christmas Tree, at Conrad.

A good attempt in shooting 11 kids at one-go, at baby Kieran's full month party. 

Bosco boy wasn't too happy as my peak period has kicked in back then..
That's Andy trying to cheer him up!

Looking at the expanding Cars collection, Bosco had to give in a little :)

Soon enough, Bosco boy was back into his cheerful self! :)

*will continue to do backdated posts for Dec 2011 next..

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