Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Recent chat with the mummies friends has raised the concern on how much can a K1 student understand / read / write / spell at this age.

This was feedback from Chloe's teacher on her performance for the first 6 months in K1:

I see her ability to recognise and read several words, or her attempt to read a book by herself. But her ability to spell and write those words are minimal.

With the spelling words guideline shared by Emily, Chloe and I started to engage spelling activities yesterday.

It was difficult in the beginning as little girl refused to stay focus and practise her writing. With lots of encouragement and praises, she picked up and moved on confidently. She even initiated another spelling exercise while I was having my breakfast this morning.

This is a good sign. I will spend more time doing more practices with her. Jia you to both of us!!!

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