Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bosco's 3rd Birthday

Snippets on our mini home-celebration for Bosco's 3rd Birthday | 18.08.2012

Birthday boy 破鸡蛋 and posing...

Helpful Chloe to offer photography service to cover the day event :)

A very suave take by Chloe ♥

Geared up in new red top, for the love of mcqueen

Finger foods with potato salad (forgotten to take a shot of the salad!)

Sweet couple guests :)

Happy 3rd Birthday Bosco!!

A shy wedding birthday cake cutting session...

The nom nom happy long weekend happened just too fast. And in a blink of eye, we're welcoming September already. Shall then look forward to Chloe's 5th Birthday in October  :)

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