Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Name Game

Me: "Bosco, would you want a didi or a meimei?"

Bosco: "didi!"

Me: "Ok, what shall we name him if you had a didi?"

Bosco: "hmm..."

Chloe: "Bryan!"

Me: "Why B? No more B! We already have a B in the family."

Chloe: "Ok, is it time for E now?"

Me: "Right! E! If you had a sibling, we should start from the letter E."

Chloe thinking hard...

Me: "So, what should we name him?"

Chloe: 'Elephant!"



end note: no speculation please, that is purely asking the kids for fun  :D


Emily said...

Hahaha. That was one of my pillow talk convo I had with J too and he said "Chloe" kekeke.

PRIMA said...

Yes I was inspired by your story when I asked that night. Haha!