Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chloe vs Bosco

Recent conversations with Chloe and Bosco...

Chloe, pretty fast learner...
On eating the greens...
Me: "Chloe, can you please eat more vege? They are good for your skin!"
Chloe: "Mama, you have pimples on your face. Why don't you have more?"
Me: *abish myself right on the face*

Bosco, rather impatient boy...
Stuck in a long queue, waiting to see the doctor...
There's this one time at KKH among the noisy multi-cultural crowd.
Bosco: “很吵!!!” shouted while covering his ears and shaking his head.

1 hour++ later, when his name was still not called,
Bosco: “妈妈,走,我们回家睡觉!”
Me: “不行,我们还没有见医生,医生还没有叫你。”
Bosco: “叫医生叫我。。 我要快点见医生。。”

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