Monday, October 22, 2012

SAHM-ing for 2 days

This year, I've got constant reminders from Chloe's teachers to not skip the classes with no valid reason. So I'm really trying my best here. This week, mum-in-law is on vacation, and Andy is out of town for 2 days. Andy dropped me a big hint before he left the house yesterday, "Enjoy your stay-at-home-mum moments for these 2 days okie?"

Task: to carry on the daily routine as per normal. This somehow makes the non-working-day fulfilling. I had not felt so tired for a long while, when staying at home with the children. This sheds a light to me,  I have not been spending enough time with them (!!) And making every second counts and worthwhile is the key. I will keep disciplining myself on this! Trust me baby!

So, here's how today's schedule like:
7:45 — Breakfast with the children
8:15 — Prepared Chloe for her morning school
8:45 — Sent her to school before 9am
10:00 — Out to do groceries with Bosco for today's lunch and dinner

posing at the bus stop

11:00 — Back home to let Nana starts preparing the ingredients
11:15 — Brought Bosco for a hair cut
11:30 — Came home to bathe Bosco

the before and after look

11:45 — Proceeded to cook Pasta with Nana's ready ingredients
12:05 — Went to Chloe's school to fetch her back (and being complained by her that I was late for 5mins!!)
12:10 — Brought Chloe for a hair trim

notice she kept her lips sealed?
that's after i warned her for laughing too much and risked eating her own hair!

12:25 — Came home and bathed Chloe
12:45 — Lunch with the children
13:10 — Nagged the children to have their naps on time
13:30 — Dozed off along with them
14:00 to 17:00
a little me-time for myself, sneaked out to have facial
and ooh la la, must be the most calming and deep sleep I had in months
17:30 — Fetched Chloe from her school (end of afternoon session, thanks to Nana who sent her to school after her nap at 15:00)
18:00 — Bathed the 2 kids at the same time (save time/water/energy and efforts haha)
18:30 — Dinner with the children (Nana warmed up the dinner while I bathed the kids)

kids-friendly pasta with minced meats, sausages, fish balls and canned mushroom

19:30 to 21:30
playtime with the kids, and playtime with my new iPhone 5 :)

yeah i certainly hope so, after ditching my S*tel which keeps sending me caller alerts. to think that i was so amazed by the caller alert service 5 years back. they shouldn't make it too big, really!

finally kids are knocked out
and now I'm trying to pen down all the thoughts today

Certainly a good day spent together. I hope the weather would be better tomorrow, no dark clouds, so that we don't have to rush worrying the heavy downpour might began anytime.

Good night peeps :)
*stretching the body* 

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