Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lunch Time Rant: I Want To Bake!

Early this year when we shifted to our own place, our to-buy-list for the house was kept to as simple as possible. Most cut down was from the kitchen appliances. Hubby said, "Why bother? You can't cook!"

Eeeek! >.<

Then in April, I surprised him by taking the first attempt to cook. I am still very proud of myself if you ask me :) Although there's lotsa room for improvement.

Now, I'm so much in the mood to learn baking cakes, muffins, cookies, everything sinful delicious! But (!!!!) there's no oven toaster in the house :(

My birthday is still few months away, but Christmas is around the corner. I wonder if there's any kind soul who would buy me an oven toaster and let me try baking?


1 comment:

Andy Lim said...

We have a small toaster for bread? Can that help :p